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Quickly get the right cyber protection for your business so you can end the dread of a breach and get back to what's important - having fun and building your business
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Get Security

The same level of 24/7, sophisticated detection and protection used by Fortune 100 Companies

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Get Compliance

Managed compliance that reduces the risks, costs, and complexity of security regulations

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Get Peace of Mind

When you partner with Cingo Solutions, you can finally relax and get back to focusing on your business.

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01 The Stakes Could Not Be Any Higher

It only takes one successful hacker to force an enterprise to shutter for months or even close down entirely. Yet, organizations fall victim to a ransomware cyber-attack every 14 seconds.

02 Can you afford to be the weakest security link in your company’s supply chain?

Security rankings are like credit scores into day’s business. If you’re the weakest link in your network chain, you’re also the most significant risk to your supply and the most natural target for cybercriminals with malicious intent.  

03 Did you know most hackers are NOT Masterminds?

It’s true. More often than not, a hacker is just waiting for an everyday user inside your company to make a mistake. Slip-ups happen, but malware, viruses, and ransomware are all preventable.  

04 Is Cybersecurity integrated into your plans for business growth?

In the ever-growing digital economy, robust endpoint security and browser security is essential for ALL businesses, from small to large. With Cingo Solutions, you get more than advanced security at a price that works. Cingo adds value to your company by elevating your reputation as a trusted and secure partner.

We Protect Your Sensitive & Private Data Like It’s Our Own

Like you, we jumped headfirst into the digital world to make life easier and to build a safer, more efficient business, not to suffer at the hands of cybercriminals. 

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Many businesses in various industries chose Cingo as their One-Stop-Shop for Security, IT, and Compliance

Cingo Protects® has elevated small and midsize businesses to the strongest security-link in their network chain

Cingo has helped companies breakthrough the cost and complexity of cybersecurity and compliance regulations with scalable solutions

Every day, we detect and protect against countless human “slip-ups” – and provide feedback and training to ensure that your employees aren’t just reprimanded for mistakes, they are trained on how to avoid it in the future.

How to Work with Cingo Solutions

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Schedule a Call with a Cingo Expert Today
We promise no high-pressure scare tactics or using our knowledge as a weapon against you. Our experts are here to listen to your concerns and help clarify your security needs, then offer sound security advice which is easy to understand to help you get the protection you need quickly.
Select the Cingo Solution that Fits Your Security or Compliance Needs
With the help of a Cingo Security Expert, choose a robust Cingo Protects® Solution with no lengthy contracts and a custom proposal to fit your needs. Either way, we'll assess your vulnerabilities, help you implement security protocols, and guide your company on their journey to becoming the strongest link.
Watch Your Brand Blossom and Bottom Line Grow (minus the worry of hackers)
With Cingo Solutions integrated into your IT,Security, and Compliance, you are strengthening your company's reputable brand, supporting bigger initiatives, and elevating your business to its next level by giving it the protection it deserves.

Cingo Solutions is a Trusted Security Partner in These Important Industries:

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We guarantee you’re getting the same high-level cybersecurity and robust compliance coverage as the big companies - at a price that works

We design our security solutions to keep you ahead of the evolving threats of tomorrow

We have the talent and expertise to help forge you into the most reliable link in your network chain

We're committed to attracting and retaining elite security talent. For obvious reasons, we protect their privacy like we do yours, but rest assured when you meet your team, you'll feel empowered just knowing you have these experts on your side

We’ll continue to earn our rank as a top security firm because we’re here to stay. With the rise of evolving cyber threats, Cingo is more dedicated than ever to our mission of stopping cyber criminals before they do damage.

We communicate advanced issues in ways that are easily understood and our clients can have input into the solutions we deploy

We’ve helped hundreds of small and mid-size businesses become the strongest security-link in their chain and free themselves from the worry of cybercriminals.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies break through the cost and complexity of cybersecurity and integrate this invaluable service into their growth strategy.

Every day, we detect and protect against millions of human “slip-ups” - without ever judging anyone.

Thousands of customers chose Cingo as their One-Stop-Shop for Security, IT, and Compliance needs simply because we do it all and do it well.