Views of the studio

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Views of the studio

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Cingo Solutions was founded in 2005 as a web development and design company. We provided application development and integrations for a number of companies around the US. Most of our growth was from word of mouth, in certain business circles when a company had a development project that had gone off of the rails in time and budget and needed to be brought back, our business cards were handed out.

This brought us a lot of opportunity to work on some very interesting projects in some very interesting industries. Over time we began to specialize in software relating to compliance mandates and observing regulatory standards. In 2013 one of our clients brought up the Cybersecurity and IT infrastructure portion of their last audit and asked if we knew anyone that could help.

We searched for weeks trying to find anyone in the country who understood compliance that could consult with our clients and help them respond to auditors. Our search had no valuable results. Cybersecurity professionals, IT professionals and Compliance professionals are not interchangeable. The void in the market became blaringly apparent, and the opportunity to fulfill it became our main focus. The three very different and unique specializations used to build our infrastructure, took years of brilliant minds and countless versions to create the seamless format we provide today.

Our goals in creating this format: SECURITY, TRANSPARENCY & CONSTISTENCY.

Cybersecurity is an industry not well understood by our clients, and the value of our services are not easily identifiable to the layman. To deal with this lack of trust, Cingo Solutions created a user dashboard which enables our clients to hold us accountable. In this dashboard you can see response times, how many tickets are resolved and unresolved on your account. How many cyber threats our system has thwarted in real time. Monitor employee cyber training, and how to make IT investment decisions based on real data.

In many organizations, tech is an ever-present liability. Is your team competent? Are they properly trained? If so, are they up to date? Are they capable of keeping you safe from cyber threats on an ongoing basis?  And can they coordinate with your compliance to provide accurate, meaningful reports when it matters most?

In an effort towards greater accountability and security for our clients, Cingo Solutions invites and pays for a third-party audit where all of our internal processes and personnel are validated on an annual basis. This audit is called a SOC2 certification and is backed by the AICPA. It's not easy, or cheap, but it's the level of professionalism that our clients have come to expect.

Over the years we have worked diligently to provide a service based on a timeless tradition of fairness, a fair days work for a fair days pay. No hidden fees, no hidden terms, no IT jargon, just straight forward transparency.

Now we service clients in every time zone in the Continental United States, in a myriad of industries, some heavily regulated, some not. For more information on our focused industries, feel free to look through this website.

We are proud of the company we have built here, proud of our employees, and proud of the clients we have helped cope with challenges during difficult times. We look forward to continuing that tradition for many years to come and invite you to click the contact link below and see what Cingo Solutions can do for you.

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What Makes Us Different

With more than 13 years of experience we can deliver the best protection.

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Personal Service

There are real people behind the screens who are dedicated to protecting your business. Your team of experts will be your greatest ally in protecting what is important to you. Your Security Analysts are assigned to your specific accounts etc. Your Security analysts are assigned to your specific accounts etc.

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Transparent Pricing

We offer month-to-month contracts or custom quotes tailored to your unique industry needs. Either way, you’ll find our pricing business-friendly. We believe in earning your business every month.

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Elite Talent


We invest in attracting and retaining the sharpest minds who deliver leading-edge solutions

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One - Stop - Shop


Cingo spans the gap of Security, IT, andCompliance, serving as a trusted security partner with a shared mission; to protect your digital assets and boost your security posture.

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We Care About Protecting America's Economic Heart Beat


Data breaches have increased 160% year over year in America and the number is increasing. The victims are not the Fortune 500companies. They are the everyday, small and midsized businesses. These are the businesses we are taking care of.

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We Believe in Arming Business Leaders with the Truth


Business leaders and executives are generally smart people, and they've earned our respect with their proven success. When leaders have the right information, they can better understand the threats to their organization. They can adapt easier and then offer proper training and protection to their employees

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We Believe in Arming Business Leaders with the Truth

  • SOC2 Type 2 Certification
  • SOC3 Certification
  • CCPA Certification