California Consumer Privacy Act, CCPA

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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is the first comprehensive privacy law passed in the United States that protects CA residents' privacy rights. It's a consequential regulation changing business and websites across the country because of our connected digital economy.

“CCPA is compelling more companies to get serious about protecting their consumers' data and privacy. And other states will follow suit.” - Steve Madsen, Cingo President

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When does the enforcement of CCPA begin?

July 1, 2020. Enforcement of CCPA by the California Attorney General is in effect now.

What's the gist of the CCPA Consumers' Rights:

The law includes consumers' rights that address the personal information of Californians.

  • Right to opt-out
  • Right to notice (aka right to be informed)
  • Right to disclosure
  • Right to deletion
  • Right to equal services and prices
What fines and penalties are under enforcement?

Under CCPA, a business can be found non-compliant and penalized by the California Attorney General when there's a private information breach.

  • Up to $7,500 per intentional violation or breach
  • Up to $2,500 per non-intentional violation or breach
  • With no limit or ceiling to the fees assessed

Besides CCPA penalties, damages from an individual or class action lawsuit can range between $100-$750 per violation, quickly escalating losses out of control.

How is small and midsize business affected?

CCPA applies to ANY business that qualifies for one of the following:

  • Earns $25 million in revenue / per year
  • Sells 50,000consumer records / per year
  • Derives 50% of its annual revenue from selling personal information
  • Collects or sells personal information from consumers in California, regardless of where your company is located
What is a CCPA data breach?

Mistakes in approach to data protection and privacy, even unintentional ones, can cause a data breach. For instance, mistakenly sending personal data to a wrong recipient constitutes a data breach and a violation under CCPA. Non-compliance opens the likelihood of a private right of action, increasing your financial liability and risk while hurting your security ranking.

How can Cingo Solutions relieve stress and reduce the cost of CCPA compliance?
  • We offer the only AICPA backed CCPA SOC certification in the country
  • We help businesses streamline planning, implementation, and audits for CCPA compliance.
  • We offer a holistic security strategy that's CCPA ready.
  • We help train your team to be security-savvy
  • We understand the critical differences between GDPR and CCPA, so we can easily explain them to you.
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