You Don't Have to Choose Between Compliance or Security

Cingo's robust, cost-effective, and streamlined compliance is the direct result of implementing a sophisticated cybersecurity solution like Cingo Protects®

Security Regulations Exist to Help Companies Improve Their Information Security Posture Guidelines and Best Practices are always under development by security regulators and are commonly based on the type of data an industry collects and maintains.

Non-Compliance is Not an Option

Non-compliance costs more than twice the expense of maintaining compliance. Remember, fines and penalties are the least costly consequence of any security breach.

While compliance with cybersecurity regulations is a requisite goal, ongoing cybersecurity management, both your own and your vendors', cannot be undervalued.

For Cingo’s experts, protecting critical data is less about the compliance certificate and more about a promise to a cybersecurity strategy that covers compliance - for now, and your future.

Security and Compliance are Different Things.

We see plenty of "compliant" businesses that are not secure, but rarely, if ever, do we encounter a secure company that's non-compliant. In other words, high-level security usually increase compliance, but compliance does not increase security.  

  • Compliance is a standard of operating procedures that must be met with the end goal of protecting data and is overseen by a regulatory body, ie  PCI, SOC, or HIPAA.
  • Security refers to the holistic processes, practices, and technologies designed to protect your hardware, software, networks, and data centers from unauthorized access to sensitive and personal data that can cause damage or loss.

Prioritizing Compliance Before Cybersecurity is Like Putting the Digital-Cart Before the Digital-Horse

Compliance is a dynamic and complex series of requirements or mandates that companies must actively meet which adapts constantly, is unique to each industry and even some sub-industries. The greater collection and distribution of data, the more compliance businesses are obliged to navigate. Why invest in compliance first when enterprise-level security will most likely bring you into compliance and give your company a versatile and adaptable foundation to work from.

Cingo’s Robust, Cost-Effective, and Streamlined Compliance Services

Compliance Management is easy with Cingo because it’s the natural result of our enterprise-level cybersecurity from Cingo Protects®

The more prevalent data mining and the sale of personal data become, the greater the requirement for scalable and long term security and compliance infrastructures. Compliance and cyber security are unique specialties which for the most part do not share a common foundation, but certainly share a common purpose. With Cingo Solutions Cingo Protects® Plus, your company can navigate the crux of two ever evolving, demanding, and difficult waters.