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Every industry has different security challenges. An intimate understanding of an industry’s cyber story and threat landscape is critical to designing an effective security program.

Cingo's framework and processes are based on our thorough comprehension of all CPPA, FDIC, FFIEC, HIPPA, ISO, NCUA, OCC, and PCI DSS regulations. Cingo not only meets these high standards, but we exceed all regulatory requirements and best-practice guidelines.

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Personal Service

Cingo experts to help you manage HIPPA compliance, regulations designed to contain and protect the private and sensitive information of millions of patients.

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Transparent Pricing

For a fraction of the cost of developing an in-house system, guarantee your clients protection of their sensitive assets and private data with Cingo's advanced security capabilities.

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Elite Talent


Shield financial records and deploy an adaptive IT regulatory compliance process with enterprise-level threat detection and response services. Cingo designs solutions specifically for the financial services industry.

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One - Stop - Shop


Help your clients understand Cyber Risk, maintain compliance, and enjoy your peace of mind. Improve your security posture by getting notified in real-time when a control isn't operating effectively, not once a year.

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We Care About Protecting America's Economic Heart Beat


Non-Profits are uniquely targeted for wire fraud due to the regular movement of high volumes of money. Stay secure in the face of rising threats with solutions that identify phishing and spear phishing emails and remove them from your business. Also, Cingo Solutions offers free trainings which will help your staff understand warning signs and how to deal with unverified requests.

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We Believe in Arming Business Leaders with the Truth


Earn your customer’s loyalty by achieving long-term compliance and ensuring the security of your customer’s payment card data

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We Believe in Arming Business Leaders with the Truth


Intellectual Property is the highest value data in manufacturing companies. Cingo cybersecurity programs defend complex network architectures against the most sophisticated cyber-attacks.