Fighting cybercriminals is not all that we're good at.

  • We're a hybrid-security firm, bridging the gap between IT, Security, and Compliance
  • We deploy sophisticated tools to understand your security vulnerabilities better
  • We offer flexible, scalable solutions to help companies grow. Whether you’re an established company or a startup, our solutions will serve you throughout your companies growth
  • Month-to-month contracts make working with us easy
  • We provide custom reporting and log searches in real-time
  • You receive 24/7 visibility to cloud services and on-premises networks
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Holistic Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions for businesses facing the unique challenge of reducing security risks while undertaking larger initiatives

  • The investment you make into protecting your company's invaluable human, financial, and data assets is a modern show of respect among businesses in the digital age.
  • Investing in robust cyber protection, with built-in safety-nets, is your commitment to your company's future.
  • Employees and business partners alike will know with certainty that your company's mission matters, their work is valued, and their tomorrow is secure.  

When you make network security a priority, you reduce the risk of becoming a victim. You'll want a trusted IT Security Partner by your side

  • No more living or working in a state of dread.
  • With Cingo, you're partnering with an elite operational security team that delivers a broad array of advanced security tools and the expertise to deploy them.
  • Every Cingo client receives the support of a dynamic team. That means five or more human experts are devoted to keeping your online-activity safe, networked-data secure, and peace-of-mind intact.
  • We deploy a state of the art security stack which is assessed from the ground up and updated with the latest innovations annually.
  • Get real-time alerts, incident response, and crisis support.
  • We help get your IT infrastructure in compliance and keep you there.
  • Have the benefit of employing a team of exceptional talent while budgeting for minimum wage
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Let's face it; cybersecurity is a complex challenge, and it can overwhelm even the best IT teams

  • Cingo seamlessly extends your IT teams at a fraction of the cost of hiring security experts.
  • Our security teams are based 100% in America, with no outsourcing to other countries.
  • Frameworks, solutions, and support are based 100% in America, with no outsourcing to other countries.
  • We speak English as our original language but are also proficient at Geek-speak.

We invest in safeguarding your business and securing your future against unknown threats - at a price that works

  • We strive to add value to your organization with sophisticated cybersecurity solutions that will carry you and your business into the future.
  • Cingo's Cybersecurity Experts and ComplianceSpecialists are among "The Elite" within the security industry. Why?Because we demand the best protection for our customers
  • At no increase in price to you, you're continually receiving the benefit of our perpetually updating, ever-evolving, and improving security stack
  • We really like ensuring our clients peace of mind. Even if someone in their company makes a careless mistake, they know they're covered.
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